Station Stickers | Glitter - Blue
Station Stickers

Station Stickers | Glitter - Blue

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Description: Glitter items in a dark to light gradient on glossy paper

Quantity: 1 sheet (44 stickers)

Sheet Size: 4.6 in x 6.93 inch

Stickers Include: 28 Glitter headers, 8 Quarter boxes, 8 Half boxes




Please note we do NOT SELL or claim ownership over these graphics, images, clipart, or characters; they belong to their respective copyright owners. You are simply paying for my services to make these into stickers. Items are to be used in planners/notebooks. We are not legally responsible for any harm these items may cause. Colors may vary based on different monitors, and I can not guarantee that colors will be the exact shade as previous orders. If this is a problem, please contact me so that we can work something out. Images belong to the talented Etsy owner TheDigiRainbow



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